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Hello and Welcome


This site is dedicated to Sales Executives, Sales Managers, and Sales Management Trainers.


Competitive clout is no longer defined by the size of the company or of the field force.


Competitive clout is now defined by HOW CLEVER the company, its sales managers, and its sales teams are.


You, and every other sales manager, dread the same thing …. that somehow, or for some unknown reason, the “pain and frustration” days outnumber the “joy and excitement” days.


You dread those “pain and frustration” days, not just because you find them unpleasant, but because on those days, your people are demotivated and unproductive. The day is full of disappointments.


You want more “joy and excitement” days, not just because you find them pleasant, but because on those days, your people are motivated and productive. The day is full of sales appointments.


Getting more of those days starts with you understanding your people better. Why? Because it’s your people who create your sales results. Not you, not your boss, and not your company.


Now this is where I come in. Here’s my two-part promise …


The more you master understanding and influencing people, the more you’ll get the kind of sales representative motivation and engagement that firstly, you and they will be proud of, AND that secondly, leads to increased sales performance.


The more you master understanding and influencing people, the more you’ll be a respected sales manager, a gifted sales coach, and an admired leader within your company.


I’ll help you develop more of an influenced-based style of sales management. We’ll use fundamental psychology principles and the latest neuroscience research, which have been proven successful by marketers, journalists, copywriters, and film producers.


I’ll help you translate these principles into tailored and practical, down-to-earth, brain-friendly management frameworks…. frameworks that lift both your and your representative’s level of engagement and motivation, and enhance sales performance.

One Bite At A Time

For the past nine years, Mark has written a fortnightly newsletter tailored for each of his client company's sales management team and delivered in compelling “bite sized pieces.”

The newsletter's sole purpose is to provoke some thinking and keep sales management and sales coaching, sales, and performance improvement fresh and top-of-mind. They provide easy-to-action ideas, hints, tools, and tips for immediate use in every representative conversation.

One Bite At A Time is an edited collection of 21 of the most popular newsletters.

It’s is in its final edit phase and will be available soon for purchase as an e-book and hard copy.


Subscribe to The Influential Sales Manager eNews