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Hello and Welcome

I entered the Copyblogger Essay Contest and won!

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This site is dedicated to Sales Executives, Sales Managers and Sales Trainers involved in Sales Coaching.

Sales Coaching has reached mainstream business status for the simple reason that, when done well, it increases sales by about 19%.

Problem is survey after survey says that it’s actually not done well.

It’s here that I come in … work with you to turn that around.

I’m an award winning authority on Sales Coaching. I specialize in translating coaching skills, theory, and rhetoric learned in the classroom, into practical implementation.

I work with you to get the kind of sales representative engagement that firstly, you’ll be proud of AND that secondly, leads to increased sales.

I work exclusively with Sales Executives, Sales Managers, and Sales Trainers to drive sales coaching into the sales culture of your organisation with a definite link to organisational goals and gains in profitability.

My Essay on CopyBlogger – What Do You Stand For?

Click Here to read my essay titled, "What Do You Stand For" on Copyblogger!

In case you didn't hear I recently won their Essay contest and am delighted that I could contribute. I hope you'll have a read and leave me a comment. 


One Bite At A Time

For the past eight years, Mark has written a fortnightly newsletter tailored for each of his client companies and delivered in compelling “bite sized pieces.”

The newsletter's sole purpose is to keep sales coaching, sales, sales management, leadership, and performance improvement top-of-mind by providing easy-to-action ideas, hints, tools, and tips for immediate use in coaching conversations.

One Bite At A Time is an edited collection of 21 of the most popular newsletters.

It’s is in its final edit phase and will be available soon for purchase as an e-book and hard copy.


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