The Fourth Law of Sales Management

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The Fourth Law of Sales Management

“What’s the best selling model?” is the second most asked question I get.

The most asked question is “what’s the best sales coaching model?”

The answer to both questions is the same.

“The best model is the one that’s actually used.”

Here’s how you figure that out. Start with this question; “What we want to do is create the kind of conditions so that our SRs want to, first, work here and second, develop into skillful, respected, and admired sales people. What most impacts why our SRs stay or resign, and willingly grow into world-class sales people. What would a sales coaching model look like that targeted these 2 major issues?”

Start with the big picture (business context) questions and then drill down to the model (business concept) that satisfies the BP. Doing it the other way around is like packing your bags and then deciding where you’ll go for your holiday.

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