The First Law of Sales Management

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The First Law of Sales Management

Successful Sales Managers are great Sales Coaches. And here’s something that many sales managers don’t quite get ……. coaching is a “contact sport” ….. it’s not their you-can-do-it emails, their policies and procedures, their systems, or even the company’s generous incentive scheme. Nope.

The in-your-face reality … scientific and financial … is that time spent with your sales people … coaching face-to-face … is a far better investment than working on all the other stuff.

The first step is “get to know them” … what they value, fear, cherish, and aspire to as people, not just as sales representatives.

Law #1: You Need Them, More Than They Need You.

Yep, it’s all about your people. You are handed the position of sales manager by your company. You become a successful sales manager because of the efforts of your team. Never lose sight of that.

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