“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” (Albert Einstein)

And that’s where I come in …

I work with sales executives, sales managers, and sales management trainers, just like you.

I help you to combine the best that the Psychology of Influence has to offer, with world-class Sales Management Strategies, to improve the personal and working relationships with your sales people.

We’ll use the same psychology principles and the latest neuroscience research that have been proven successful by marketers, journalists, copywriters, and film producers.

Here’s the thing. Research tells us that it’s the quality of the relationship between you and your sales people that drives personal growth, develops innovation, nurtures motivation, leverages talent, increases engagement, and is, without a doubt, the most cost-effective sales management solution for sustaining sales team performance.

Our ultimate goal is to create bragging rights when your sales people achieve exceptional sales, business, and personal goals.

But wait. It gets better. The more you master understanding and influencing people, the more you’ll be a respected sales manager, a gifted sales coach, and an admired leader within your company.