Mark Wayland Award Winning Sales CoachMark is an authority on using the Psychology of Influence and the latest Social Psychology research as tools that help bridge the gap between average and exceptional sales team performance.

Mark’s passion for sales management, sales coaching, and selling skills developed during his time as the Group Training Manager for Pfizer Australia. The highlight was launching and embedding a new coaching skills program and an aligned in-house developed sales model into the business culture of the Pfizer Sales Group.

You have the Position but not the Influence. Over worked….. professional development initiatives.

With an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry, he started his consultancy in 2003 and since then has worked extensively with various Australian and international sales management teams (and their sales teams) and with sales trainers to develop and drive their professional development initiatives.

His clients voted him the Consultant of the Year in the inaugural APMRG Australian Healthcare Sales/ Marketing Excellence Awards.

I entered the Copyblogger Essay Contest and won!

His clients include Abbott, Servier, Menarini Australia (Invida), Pfizer, Takeda (Nycomed), Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Flordis, Lundbeck, IMS, Mead Johnson Nutrition, BMS, Wyeth, Merck (Schering-Plough), CSL, and Galderma.

He is also the Convener of the Australian Pharma Senior Sales Leadership Group and a judge in the Sales division of the Australian pharma industry PRIME Awards

Mark Wayland receiving APMRG award 2011